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Home Glass Repair | Glass Doctor of Saskatoon

Home Glass Repair

Glass Doctor of Saskatoon service technicians can expertly repair or replace any glass door or window product including all the necessary hardware to make it function correctly.

Trust Glass Doctor of Saskatoon to get your Windows installed or repaired correctly the first time

Window ReplacementSave Energy and Money – Get your share of the Homeowner Tax Credit. Save up to $1500 when you purchase energy-efficient replacement windows from Glass Doctor of Saskatoon. Unlike the tax credit for energy-efficient windows in prior years, the new criteria are stricter than the Energy Star rating program. Not all Energy Star labeled windows will qualify for this tax credit. Glass Doctor of Saskatoon can help you identify which windows qualify. So save money on your energy bills and taxes by scheduling an appointment with Glass Doctor of Saskatoon today.

Create Curb Appeal - Windows and doors contribute to the tone of your home’s appearance just as much as paint, trim, bricks and iron. Glass Doctor of Saskatoon offers a full line of replacement windows from MI Windows and entry door glass from Western Reflections. Check out our online entry door gallery for new, innovative glass ideas. Whether you’re looking for more functionality or more beauty, Glass Doctor® has the right windows and doors for your home.

Renew Your View – That fog you’re seeing through your windows all day long is condensation between the panes of glass. It’s caused by a leaky seal in the Insulated Glass Unit of the window. And water isn’t all that leaks from a bad IGU. You’re leaking money in energy costs because the window isn’t insulating properly. Glass Doctor can repair leaky IGUs and if they can’t be repaired, we can replace them. That will make your days a little brighter, and your wallet a little heavier.

Protect Your Investment – Glass Doctor of Saskatoon offers laminated safety glass to replace single window panes, or low-E glass to keep high glare from fading furniture. Install storm windows to protect from the wind and rain. Protect your glass products with Clear Choice glass protectant, which forces water and other fluids to bead up on the glass, thereby preventing stains. Ask Glass Doctor of Saskatoon for the products that are right for your home.


Windshield Replacement | Glass Doctor of SaskatoonWindshield Replacement

High Quality Auto Glass

Guaranteed for 12 Months | Glass Doctor of Saskatoon Glass Doctor uses the same quality auto glass the auto makers use when they originally built your vehicle. Don't settle for less. Ask for OEM glass.

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Here to help | Glass Doctor of Saskatoon Have a Question? We're here to help. Maybe you're not sure if the moisture in your home windows can be fixed, or if the chip in your windshield can be repaired. Call now!